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Bequest FAQ

What information do I need in order to include World Animal Protection in my will?

If you decide to include World Animal Protection in your will, you will need to know:

  • World Animal Protection, formerly known as WSPA, is now our legal name;
  • Our tax identification number is 04-2718182; and
  • Our current legal address is 535 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

How can I make a bequest to World Animal Protection?

There are several ways to make a bequest to World Animal Protection. Types of gifts include:

  • Specific bequest – this is a gift with a specific dollar amount attached or an asset such as securities and/or real estate.
  • Residuary bequest – this type of gift provides a percentage of the remainder of your estate to a charity, which is given after all other provisions of your will have been fulfilled and all expenses paid.
  • Contingent bequest – a bequest that is contingent is received only in the event of the death of other named beneficiaries. With this option, you can guarantee that your loved ones are cared for first and that your charitable wishes are honored if there are sufficient assets remaining.

Can you provide an example of the proper wording for my bequest?

While we can provide this example of proper wording for your bequest as follows, the final language should be decided in collaboration with your own personal legal counsel:

“I give to World Animal Protection, a charitable corporation organized under the laws of Washington, DC, whose current legal address is 535 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018 [the sum of $ ___________ or ____% (or all) of my residuary estate or a specific asset] to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

Can I leave conditions on the bequest?

It is recommended that you make your bequest as general as possible to ensure that World Animal Protection is able to utilize your bequest’s funding for animals where it is needed the most. If you have a more specific purpose in mind, please contact us before finalizing the bequest by calling or emailing Liz Quick, Director of Development at 646-783-2208.

Do I need to inform World Animal Protection of my bequest intentions?

There is no requirement for our bequest donors to notify us; however, we would be delighted to know if you do include World Animal Protection in your estate plans, so that we can say “thank you” and welcome you into the World Animal Protection Legacy Society.

Please email Liz Quick with any details you would like to include regarding your bequest. We assure you that any information you provide to us will be confidential.

What other ways can I include World Animal Protection in my estate plan?

In addition to leaving a bequest in your will, you may also consider gifts of life insurance, retirement plans, and/or appreciated securities.

To learn more about the various planned giving vehicles you can utilize in your estate plans to support World Animal Protection, please call or email Liz Quick, Director of Development at 646-783-2208.

The material presented on our website is not intended as legal or tax advice. In addition to speaking with World Animal Protection staff, we strongly advise seeking the counsel of your tax advisor, attorney, and/or financial planner to review tax calculations and ensure that a contemplated gift is appropriate for your situation.

A Gift in Your Will

Gifts in a will or by beneficiary designation are two easy ways to make the world a better place for animals for years to come—and they don’t cost anything now.