Corporate Partnerships

World Animal Protection’s partners are making a positive impact for animals across the globe by ending cruelty and animal suffering. Our partners’ commitment to animal welfare sends a positive, progressive message to their communities, inspiring their customers and employees to make long-term, sustainable changes for the greater good of animals, people, and the planet.

Each partnership is unique to the partnering organization. This allows our partners to stay true to the mission of their business while working side-by-side with World Animal Protection to create engaging opportunities that have a positive impact.

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Two elephants in Mikume Park Tanzania

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bright day calendar 2024
Founded in 2009 and based in Maryland, Bright Day Calendars is a calendar and stationery publisher whose motto is “Happiness is only real when shared.” The company created the “Calendars For a Cause” line with the primary objective of giving back to those in need, including various non-profits ranging from humanitarian and environmental efforts to animal organizations. 10% of each of the following calendars sold will be donated to World Animal Protection.
With Jeulia, jewelry is more than an accessory--it represents something much bigger. Through jewelry, Jeulia customers are afforded the ability to not only personalize a look but also evoke emotion and create memories. This is the very mentality Jeulia is founded on, and the company creates premium, artisanal jewelry that embodies both who you are and what you stand for. $2.00 per unit sale of each product in the Animal Collection will be donated to World Animal Protection.
hoota booie
Hoota Booie sells comfortable, sustainable clothing and hats for the adventurer who is a lover of the mountains and ocean. Hoota Booie represents a love for snowboarding, hiking, surfing, snorkeling, backpacking, trail running, snowmobiling, wake surfing, and so much more. They also provide eco-friendly packaging! 11% of the purchase will be donated to support World Animal Protection.
Veestro makes fully-prepared, 100% plant-based meals and delivers them to your door anywhere in the continental US. Their chefs use the best organic ingredients in the market to hand-craft every meal, so you don’t have to chop, cook or clean. With Veestro all you have to do is heat, eat, and LOVE. Through their generous donation to support our work, and discounts for our supporters, Veestro is helping us bring meat reduction to the forefront of peoples’ minds and providing an easy solution for those who want to decrease their meat consumption. Veestro’s ready-made plant-based meals are delicious, convenient, and good for animals, your health, and the planet. Use WAP25 for 25% off your order.
garden for wildlife logo with a picture of a butterfly and bee on a flower
World Animal Protection has partnered with Garden for Wildlife to help save wildlife around the world and in our own backyards. Gardeners have the power to reverse biodiversity loss. Key wildlife species are disappearing at an alarming rate, but native plants create productive and sustainable places for wildlife to live. Garden for Wildlife has removed the guesswork and web searches that you may need to get started. It knows which native plants will best support wildlife. Since most chain stores carry little-to-no natives, Garden for Wildlife works with a network of regional growers to get chemical-free native plants delivered to you.
Sabine Ruh House partnership
Discover the enchanting world of “Learning to Love Stevie,” a children’s poem blending captivating storytelling and research-backed lessons about diversity, inclusion, and friendship. Co-created by Sabine Ruh House with World Animal Protection, this delightful tale champions wildlife protection and nurtures empathy for animals. Infused with child development and emotional intelligence research, the story revolves around Ann and Stevie, underscoring the importance of strong bonds and appreciating uniqueness. A percentage of every sale is donated to World Animal Protection.

Case Studies

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Airbnb worked closely with World Animal Protection to create its first-ever Animal Welfare Policy to ensure the safety of animals in the venues hosted on its platform.
Juno, a NYC-based ride-sharing app, partnered with World Animal Protection to celebrate World Elephant Day in 2019.

Past Partners

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