Tourists ride an elephant in Thailand.

There’s No Pride in Elephant Rides

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Elephants at Amer Fort (also known as Amber Fort) in Rajasthan, India, are often controlled with bullhooks which cause wounds and scarring. They carry heavy seats for tourists to sit on, which aggravates injuries and causes them severe muscle strain. Yet they are forced to give rides hour after hour. Day after day. For years and years.

This sad story doesn’t end when the tourists go home. When they are not giving tourist rides, these elephants are cruelly chained. They’re unable to socialize, graze, or freely move, which causes them great stress and painful foot problems as well.

The elephants of Amer Fort are:

  • Taken early from their mothers and forced through a horrific training process known as "the crush."
  • Forced to carry the weight of tourists for many hours every day, causing skin and muscle injuries.
  • Controlled with cruel bull hooks which cause painful wounds and scarring.
  • Chained to one spot when not being forced to carry tourists, causing repetitive strain injuries and painful foot problems.

Elephants need to be free to be elephants. They are wildlife. Not entertainers.