A spread of plant-based foods.

Tell Congress to Fund Farmers, Not Factories

Join us in supporting the PLANT Act’s inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill to promote a sustainable, innovative, and prosperous plant-based food industry and support the farmers growing our plant-based foods.

About the PLANT Act

The Peas, Legumes, and Nuts Today (PLANT) Act of 2023 is a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at bolstering farmers growing food crops in the United States. It would increase support for plant-based crop cultivation, a critical need if we are to shift away from factory farming.

The majority of farmland in the US today is used to grow a few select crops to feed farmed animals, benefiting a handful of mega meat and dairy companies. This system:

  • Destroys our ecosystems, causing habitat disruption and biodiversity loss.
  • Increases the number of toxic pesticides in our lands and waterways.
  • Fuels cruel factory farms where billions of animals suffer.
  • Gives tax dollars to large corporations, not small farmers. 

The PLANT Act would ensure that government programs fully support farmers and companies producing plant-based foods through: 

Incentives for “Building Block” Crops: Increasing support for growing the crops used in plant-based foods, including peas, lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms, oats, nuts, and more. 

Equal Access to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Programs: Securing eligibility for plant-based producers and companies in grant programs traditionally reserved for commodity crops (corn, soy, wheat, rice, cotton). 

Creation of a Diversified Food System: Ensuring crop farmers have access to government support, resources, and markets helps reduce the role of animal feed crops and build a more diverse food system. This is essential to mitigate the climate impacts attributed to the animal agriculture industry. 

Plant-Based Food Innovation: Establishing a new Plant-Based Food Innovation Initiatives Program to spur plant-based research at research institutions and university programs. 

Establishment of the Office of Plant-Based Foods: Creating a new Office of Plant-Based Foods and Innovative Production at USDA, dedicated to accelerating the success of the plant-based food industry.

Send a message with one-click to your legislators and tell them to include the PLANT Act in the Farm Bill to ensure that farmers and companies producing plant-based foods are eligible for USDA programs.

To learn more about the Farm Bill and the actions you can take to have your voice heard, read our Animal Advocate’s Guide to the Farm Bill here.