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Tell Congress to Fund Farmers, Not Factories

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Join us in supporting the PLANT Act’s inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill to promote a sustainable, innovative, and prosperous plant-based food industry and support the farmers growing our plant-based foods.

The majority of farmland in the US today is used to grow a few select crops to feed farmed animals, benefiting a handful of mega meat and dairy companies. This system:

  • Destroys our ecosystems, causing habitat disruption and biodiversity loss.
  • Increases the number of toxic pesticides in our lands and waterways.
  • Fuels cruel factory farms where billions of animals suffer.
  • Gives tax dollars to large corporations, not small farmers. 

About the PLANT Act

The Peas, Legumes, and Nuts Today (PLANT) Act of 2023 is a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at bolstering farmers growing food crops in the United States. It would increase support for plant-based crop cultivation, a critical need if we are to shift away from factory farming.

The PLANT Act would ensure that government programs fully support farmers and companies producing plant-based foods through: 

  • Incentives for “Building Block” Crops: Increasing support for growing the crops used in plant-based foods, including peas, lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms, oats, nuts, and more. 
  • Equal Access to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Programs: Securing eligibility for plant-based producers and companies in grant programs traditionally reserved for commodity crops (corn, soy, wheat, rice, cotton). 
  • Creation of a Diversified Food System: Ensuring crop farmers have access to government support, resources, and markets helps reduce the role of animal feed crops and build a more diverse food system. This is essential to mitigate the climate impacts attributed to the animal agriculture industry. 
  • Plant-Based Food Innovation: Establishing a new Plant-Based Food Innovation Initiatives Program to spur plant-based research at research institutions and university programs. 
  • Establishment of the Office of Plant-Based Foods: Creating a new Office of Plant-Based Foods and Innovative Production at USDA, dedicated to accelerating the success of the plant-based food industry.

What You Can Do

Send a message with one-click to your legislators and tell them to include the PLANT Act in the Farm Bill to ensure that farmers and companies producing plant-based foods are eligible for USDA programs.

Want to do even more? Read our Animal Advocate’s Guide to the Farm Bill.