Sign to End Factory Farming

 Pledge to stand up against the continued expansion of low-welfare factory farms.

By signing the petition to stop the expansion of factory farming in the United States, you will add strength to the growing demand for a healthier, safer, more humane food system. Pledge to stand up against low-welfare factory farms, reduce your overall consumption of meat and dairy, vote for initiatives that restrict the sale of factory-farmed products, and support humane and sustainable producers wherever possible. 

Moving the World to Protect Farmed Animals 

We aim to improve the lives of the more than 9 billion farmed animals raised in the US each year by stopping the growth of factory farming and transitioning to a more humane, sustainable, and equitable food system that protects animals, people, and the planet. 

We are asking companies, politicians, and investors around the world to hold the meat and dairy industry accountable for its harms and require higher standards. There are many changes, big and small, that will help to dismantle the structures keeping factory farming afloat and help improve the lives of people and animals.  

And there are many changes that we can all make in our daily lives as well. 

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