Ground-Breaking Animal Protection Index Assesses Animal Welfare Around the World

The Animal Protection Index ranks countries on their commitment to protecting animals in their legislation, improving animal welfare, and recognizing animal sentience.

The index shows that many countries are found lacking in terms of animal welfare due to issues ranging from intensive farming and illegal wildlife trafficking to the culling of stray animals. Many countries are still missing the basic legal frameworks needed to protect animals.

Whilst there are encouraging signs from the UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Austria, who are rated with the highest scores, we are calling on all governments to immediately improve their animal welfare standards and factor these issues into current, critical debates on food, public health, and sustainable development.

To create a truly sustainable world, we must take care of animals, people, and the planet. Positive, lasting change for animals can only be achieved if animal welfare is at the heart of the policies, legislation, and behaviors of the people responsible for the lives of animals.

That is why we have created the Animal Protection Index, to drive awareness about the importance of protecting animals and to put animal protection firmly on the global agenda.

Mike Baker, our CEO, said: “The Animal Protection Index is a breakthrough project, uniquely bringing together global animal welfare policy and legislation.

“The results of the index speak for themselves–governments must take action to protect animals and to recognize that the welfare of animals is inextricably linked to people’s health.”

Interact with the Animal Protection Index online: explore the 50 country reports in detail and compare their ratings on all the key animal protection issues.