World Animal Protection Research and Reports

Our reports are organized by campaign and listed in order from newest to oldest.

Animal Protection Index

seal swimming

Our Animal Protection Index (API), which ranks countries on their laws protecting animals, exposes the drastic need for change in the United States. 

Wildlife. Not Entertainers

dolphins performing

From wild animal selfies to swimming with dolphins and elephant riding to petting lion cubs and taking tiger selfies, cruelty to animals in the entertainment industry is rampant.

Wildlife. Not Pets

otter in cage

Each year, millions of wild animals are captured from their natural habitats or born into captivity, just to become pets. Our houses are not suitable homes for a wild animal.

Wildlife. Not Medicine

Lion Farm South Africa

The demand for traditional Asian medicine is threatening wildlife populations around the world. From big cat farms to pangolin poaching, iconic animals are being pushed to the bring of extinction to fuel a scientifically unproven practice.

Food Systems


Millions of farmed animals around the world are raised on cruel factory farms that confine them to cages and barren environments, mutilate them to prevent fighting in overcrowded spaces, and break their spirits by not allowing them to express their natural behaviors.

Sea Change

turtle, Sea Change

A staggering 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing gear (ghost gear) is left in our oceans each year. This gear traps, mutilates, and kills hundreds of thousands of animals annually.