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  • Jan 17 | Restaurant DiveDomino's slapped with failing chicken welfare grade 
  • Jan 17 | Smithsonian: You can visit this Australian island, but only if you pledge to skip the wombat selfie
  • Jan 16 | American AG Radio NetworkRestaurant chain firs back at animal welfare report
  • Jan 14 | NewsweekStarbucks, McDonald's, Domino's, and Subway are 'doing little' for billions of chickens facing 'acute and severe suffering'



  • Dec 18 | Bio-Based World NewsA year on from Blue Plant II, what has been done to tackle plastic pollution?
  • Dec 21 | Veterinary Practice NewsDangerous superbugs found in pork across multiple countries
  • Dec 17 | SeekerTime is running out for pangolins
  • Dec 15 | The Epoch TimesTraumatized elephants stop to listen as soon as man starts playing for them
  • Dec 8 | One Green PlanetThis young elephant will be isolated and beaten until she learns to fear humans unless we act now
  • Dec 5 | World Animal NewsThe world most trafficked mammal, the pangolin, is brutally killed for its scales in India; This archaic trade must end!
  • Dec 4 | Care2Conservationists call for action after brutality of pangolin poaching is exposed
  • Dec 3 | National GeographicHunters target endangered pangolins in India



  • Oct 31 | Treehugger: Corporate giants join fight to stop "ghost" fishing gear
  • Oct 25 | The Dodo: Bear saved from 20 years of 'dancing' gets his very first toy
  • Oct 24 | Global Citizen: This is the deadly ocean plastic we should be paying attention to
  • Oct 22 | Skift: Tourism for good: How Chiang Mai is showing the way
  • Oct 20 | LADBible: Sloth selfies suck, here's how to stop them
  • Oct 18 | Conde Nast Traveler: Is it ever okay to ride elephants while on vacation? It's complicated...
  • Oct 4 | The Dodo: 11 seals are trapped in shallow water at this tiny aquarium in Oregon


  • Sep 26 | Care2: Shocking investigation exposes the black market for jaguars


  • Aug 31 | EcoWatch: California moves to ban fishing nets blamed for killing numerous species
  • Aug 16 | Business Insider: 6 everyday items that are doing more damage to the environment than plastic straws
  • Aug 12 | Travel + Leisure: Why I'll never ride an elephant - and you shouldn't either
  • Aug 8 | National Geographic: Free-diving family saves whale shark stuck in a fishing net
  • Aug 8 | Yahoo! Finance: World Animal Protection applauds Kroger on commitment to end the use of gestation crates for pigs in its supply chain

JULY 2018

  • Jul 27 | The Dodo: This is the shocking way wild parrots end up as pets
  • Jul 24 | Animals Today Radio: Illegal trade of smaller wild cats
  • Jul 17 | People: 7 Exotic wild kittens, including one who nearly died, rescued from illegal pet trader
  • Jul 13 | The Dodo: Officials can't believe what they find inside New York man's house

JUNE 2018

  • Jun 13 | Brownfield AG News: Animal protection group promotes ‘enriched’ group housing of sows
  • Jun 12 | People: Freed circus elephants are getting their firs European retirement home: photos

MAY 2018

APRIL 2018

  • Apr 27 | USA Today: Animal welfare for travelers: How to enjoy wildlife without harming it

MARCH 2018