Animals in the wild

We work around the globe to protect and keep wild animals where they belong. From the seas to the deserts, wild animals face the ongoing threat of cruelty and abuse.

Bears are captured and forced to fight dogs. Marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, are held captive in tanks 200,000 times smaller than their natural habitat. Wild animals are traded as pets.

Long-lasting genuine change is possible, which is why we move governments and communities worldwide to protect wild animals. By supporting our campaigns, you can help to keep wild animals safe and wild.

Campaigns in the United States

World Animal Protection - Wild Animal Entertainment - Animal  Welfare
Animal entertainment is animal cruelty. Read more and take meaningful action.
World Animal Protection - Wild Animal Entertainment - Animal  Welfare
The wildlife pet trade is deadly. Learn how you can act to end this industry.
Earth Day - Bear - World Animal Protection
Every day they don’t act, thousands more wild animals are poached or farmed and sold into the global multibillion-dollar trade – as food, pets, traditional medicine, and entertainment. Demand world leaders act to end the suffering of wild animals.