Veterinary staff assist in Xama rescue.

Animals in Disasters

For over 70 years, World Animal Protection has moved fast to rescue and protect animals affected by disasters. Our legacy continues today as we support our partner organizations on the ground with our Disaster Response Fund, which provides critical aid to animals in the hours and weeks following a disaster event.

Ready at a Moment’s Notice


When disasters strike, the impact is devastating for animals and humans alike. Our Disaster Response Fund serves as an urgent giving vehicle to get much-needed funds into the hands of those who require it most. Our funds go to our partners on the ground, providing aid, rescue, and resources to animals who have been impacted. Animals are often the forgotten victims in disasters, so your support will also help us educate others on the importance of disaster preparedness and how supporters like you can help end the suffering of animals around the world.


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Your Support is Making a Difference in the Australian Bushfires


As we watched raging bushfires burn Australia’s landscape in January 2020, images from the fire captivated us all. We saw pictures of koalas burned form flames, kangaroos fleeing their homes, and wildlife habitats destroyed. It is estimated that close to three billion animals died or were displaced as a result.

Andri Abercrombie

Anteaters Cecília and Darlan Are Released Back Into the Wild


The anteater duo was rescued and rehabilitated by our team in Brazil after forest fires destroyed their homes.

World Animal Protection US

Helping Xamã the Jaguar Cub Return to the Amazon


This month, our global wildlife team completed the mission to monitor, support, and document the 12-hour-long transfer of Xamã, an eight-month jaguar cub, from his veterinary hospital to a rehabilitation facility.

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The Power of Being Ready

Often, disasters strike with little to no notice, which is why it’s critical to be prepared. World Animal Protection has created the following resources for you and your family to consider when making your disaster preparedness plans.

Dogs Disaster Pack

Cats Disaster Pack

Small Animals Disaster Pack

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Direct Intervention

We identify opportunities to aid animals affected by disasters, rescue animals from suffering and harm, and work with partner sanctuaries around the world who are caring for rescued animals.