WAP staff with rescued elephant Mundi

Our Work

With the help of supporters like you, we are committed to ending factory farming and wildlife exploitation. Forever.

Two monkeys in a cage.

Ending Wildlife Exploitation

We push companies and governments to protect wild animals’ right to a wild life in habitats that are thriving. We fight to eliminate the use of wild animals or their parts.

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Sad pig in a cage on a factory farm.

Ending Factory Farming

We move companies, governments, and individuals to build a more plant-forward food system and stop the growth of cruel factory farms, which destroy animals, ecosystems, and communities.

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WAP staff assessing damage from a natural disaster.

Direct Intervention

We identify opportunities to aid animals affected by disasters, rescue animals from suffering and harm, and work with partner sanctuaries around the world who are caring for rescued animals.

Our Impact

We Gave a Cluck About Climate Week


Climate Week NYC 2023 was a success.

World Animal Protection US

California Is Fur Free as of 2023!


Cruelty is out of fashion in California.

Cameron Harsh

WAP employee visiting dogs at a shelter.

Our Campaign History

Check out some of our past and long-standing initiatives!

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