Looking for Groupon Day deals?

Unfortunately, Groupon Day is contributing to the suffering of thousands of wild animals across the country. We thought you should know.

Groupon sells deals to venues where wild animals are exploited for entertainment and profit. Elephants, tigers, and dolphins are living in cruel and unnatural conditions at roadside zoos, illegitimate animal “sanctuaries,” and marine amusement parks like SeaWorld. They endure immense stress and untold suffering to perform for or interact with visitors.

Thousands of consumers have already said no to Groupon Day until Groupon commits to stop selling animal cruelty.

Will you join us? Take action and tell company leadership you won’t be participating in Groupon Day until they stand up for wild animals.

Act Now

World Animal Protection, a global animal welfare non-profit organization, is urging Groupon to stop selling deals to wildlife entertainment venues. As an alternative to Groupon Day, you can book experiences with our animal welfare-approved partners, including Airbnb and Expedia.

Thank you!