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World Animal Protection US‘ Statement on Panera Backtracking on Plant-Based Commitments

Press release

For immediate release.

Contact: Jeanne Turkheimer

“Panera Bread’s recent menu change decisions are a major disappointment following ambitious pledges made just a few years ago to enhance its menu with more plant-based offerings and to pursue a path towards greater environmental sustainability. This surprising reversal is a missed opportunity for Panera to lead by example and sadly means it is backtracking on commitments that were commended in World Animal Protection’s Moving the Menu report from 2022. Shifting to plant-forward menus is crucial if we are to protect farmed animals, the climate, and biodiversity. It’s vital that Panera and other restaurants reaffirm their dedication to a transformative food system that prioritizes animals and the planet.”

Annette Manusevich, World Animal Protection US Farming Campaign Manager
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