With your help, we protected over 20 million animals in 2019

With Your Help, We Protected Over 20 Million Animals in 2019



From saving animals from the fires of the Amazon to undercover work in Indonesia, your support has allowed us to do incredible work to move the world this year

Watch our video below to find out about the important work we’ve been doing for animals across the world.

How you’ve helped

We can’t list everything we’ve achieved with your donations and support this year, but here are some highlights:

  • 350,000 animals were helped after Cyclone Idai struck southern Africa
  • 156 bears were cared for in sanctuaries in Pakistan and Romania
  • The international trade of two otter species and the Indian star tortoise was banned
  • Tourism giants Virgin Media, TripAdvisor and Airbnb all took steps to stop their sale and promotion of cruel wildlife attractions
  • Standards of Indian dairies were improved, giving 4,814 cows a better life

Wild smooth coated otters relaxing in Singapore

Because of you

Without your incredible support, we would not be able to help millions of vulnerable animals around the world.

You‘ve signed our petitions.

You’ve shared our social media posts.

You’ve read our blogs.

You’ve donated your money.

And so much more.

Every step you take helps us create a world for animals without cruelty. We’ve achieved so much because of your help, and want to do even in more 2020.

Join us to move the world for animals in 2020

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