Five wonderful women of World Animal Protection

5 Women Who Help Animals in Areas of Conflict



This Women’s History Month, we’re calling attention to women who work with animals in areas of conflict around the world.

Women play a huge role in the quest to end animal cruelty around the world. Earlier this month, we highlighted some women in animal welfare who deserve our attention. Now, we’re expanding the list to include additional women whose work to protect animals happens in or brings them to countries in conflict. Animal welfare work is important across the globe and is particularly difficult and necessary in these areas where they may be especially at risk.

1. Mariya Trunova

Animal activist and founder of the Ukrainian Association for Animal Advocates, Mariya Trunova has been fighting for animal welfare in Ukraine for years now. Her work continues and has expanded to include advocating for animal welfare amidst the invasion in Ukraine by raising awareness for individual animals in need on her Facebook page.

2. Dalal Hennawi

A vet student at Al Najah University in Tulkarm, Palestine, Dalal Hennawi is an active volunteer with Palestine’s first animal welfare charity, the Palestinian Animal League. She specializes in equine (horse and donkey) care and welfare.

3. Rachel Hogan

The director of Ape Action Africa, based out of Cameroon, Rachel Hogan has a long history of helping protect primates.

4. Rawaa Kilani

Rawaa Kilani, founder of CatConnect, a charity in Syria that connects cats to their owners or foster families, has been making sure that animals are not forgotten amidst the war.

5. Cristina Lapis

Cristina Lapis’ dream of rescuing distressed bears in her homeland of Romania turned into our magnificent partner sanctuary, Libearty Bear Sanctuary. Recently, Libearty has been involved in rescuing several bears and a wolf from Ukraine.


Have a favorite woman in animal welfare who deserves a shout-out? Tweet us @MoveTheWorldUS to share!

Have a favorite woman in animal welfare who deserves a shout-out? Tweet us @MoveTheWorldUS to share!