What we're doing to help animals in Haiti

What we're doing to help animals in Haiti



Hurricane Matthew has left people and animals in Haiti desperate for help. Still reeling from the devastation caused by the earthquake in January 2010, the farming communities in the southwest have been particularly hard hit.

World Animal Protection is on the ground in some of the most affected communities of Kenscoff and Petit Goave. We’re helping cows, goats, chickens and pets who need medical treatment for injuries and vaccination to prevent the spread of disease.

With your support, we’re treating animals as we find them and launching a large-scale vaccination program to keep them healthy while they recover from their wounds, infections and stress. These animals are considered by many Haitians to be part of their families and in some cases, their only means of survival.

Farmers we meet and the Ministry of Agriculture have all said how grateful they are that we’re there for their animals in this terrible time.

“The animals are companions and they economically benefit the people. They also suffer and feel pain so we need to help them. This is why the work we do is so important,” said Dr. Jean F. Thomas, our vet on the ground. 

You can help us reach animals swiftly when disaster strikes by making a donation to our disaster management fund. Keep an eye out for more updates from the field later this week.