What We’ll Do Next – 2021



The climate will still be dominated by COVID-19, but here’s what we’ll focus on as we move into the first year of our bold new strategy….

Kangaroos in Australian bushfire

Animals in farming

Strive to improve the lives of farmed animals  by transforming the global food system


Strive for a decline in public and private support for factory farming. We’ll do this by exposing the unsustainable effects of factory farms on animals, the environment, and public health.

Drive governments and companies to make and increase their commitments to higher welfare farming and increase their meat reduction commitments.   

Mobilize consumers to switch to plant-based products and galvanize support for our campaign to press retailers to sell higher welfare products.


Kangaroos in Australian bushfire

Animals in the wild

Stop wild animals being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing the systems that allow it.


Focus on banning exports of wild animals, their parts and derivatives, from Africa to supply the exotic pets and traditional medicine trades. We’ll also continue to campaign and influence policies and laws to ban the global wildlife trade by targeting G20 leaders.

Help the global tourism industry to build back better after COVID-19. We’ll continue providing emergency food and protection for elephants and bears in high welfare tourist venues affected by the pandemic. And we’ll call on the largest operators cruelly exploiting captive dolphins to move towards responsible whale and dolphin destinations.

Share new ground-breaking scientific research and solutions on plant-based alternatives to wildlife used in traditional medicine with key governmental and private sector stakeholders in China. We’ll generate a further shift towards plant-only traditional medicine.

Kangaroos in Australian bushfire

Animals in communities


Support the International Companion Animal Management coalition (ICAM) and freely share our expertise through a joint World Animal Protection-ICAM website. This site will help local and national governments protect and manage dogs and cats in their communities.

Continue our membership of the United Against Rabies coalition (UARC) and call for a global end to the transmission of dog-mediated rabies by 2030. We will work with UARC to ensure the United Against Rabies Forum effectively achieves this goal.

Help African countries eradicate rabies from the continent through our involvement during the year with the African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).

Kangaroos in Australian bushfire

Animals from disasters


Continue to advocate where significant opportunities arise for governments to prioritize animal welfare in disaster management and to develop national disaster risk plans. Such plans are critical in implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction by 2030.

Work with partners, to protect farmed and wild animals in response to emergencies linked with our wildlife and food systems goals.

Ensure our expertise is freely available online to international organizations, partners, and local and national governments. This includes PrepVet®, which guides governments on implementing the Sendai Framework and fosters coordination between civil defense bodies and ministries of agriculture.

Strive to improve the lives of farmed animals  by transforming the global food system. Stop wild animals being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing the systems that allow it.