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Ways to Protect Animals: Workplace Giving



By participating in your employer’s workplace giving program, you can directly contribute to the protection and well-being of animals.

Workplace giving provides the opportunity for your professional community to make a lasting impact.

How It Works  

Workplace giving, also known as payroll giving or employee giving, is a program that allows employees to donate a portion of their salary or wages to charitable organizations or causes directly from their paychecks. It is a convenient and structured way for employees to contribute to charitable causes of their choice.

In a workplace giving program, employees typically have the option to set up regular deductions from their salary, which are then automatically sent to the chosen charity or charities. These deductions are often made before taxes, which can provide tax benefits for the employees.

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The Benefits

Collective impact: When individuals join forces as a united workplace community, their contributions combine. Together, they amplify their impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals.

Convenience and simplicity: Workplace giving programs make it easy to contribute. By setting up regular deductions from your paycheck, you can effortlessly support World Animal Protection without impacting your day-to-day finances. It's a hassle-free way to give and show your commitment to animal welfare.

Tax benefits: Participating in your workplace giving campaign may offer tax benefits, allowing you to make a difference while potentially reducing your tax liability. Consult your tax advisor for specific details.

Matching donations: Many companies that participate in workplace giving will match the donations made by their employees, effectively doubling the impact of your contribution.

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Next Steps

Sign up: Visit your workplace’s giving platform or contact your Human Resources or Corporate Social Responsibility departments to enroll in your employer’s workplace giving program.

Choose your contribution: Decide on the amount you wish to contribute per paycheck. Even a small amount can make a significant impact when combined with the giving of your colleagues.

Spread the word: Help create a culture of compassion and awareness within your workplace. Share the campaign with your coworkers, encouraging them to participate and support World Animal Protection’s mission.

Match your gift: Find out if your company has a matching gift policy by using our free employer search tool.

Depending on where you work, you might have the following payroll pledge options:

Combined federal campaigns: If you are a federal employee, you can contribute to World Animal Protection through a paycheck deduction in the combined federal campaign (CFC). Registration for this giving program is usually held from September through December each year. You can find World Animal Protection under the Animal Charities of America (ACA) section--our CFC number is 11904.

State and municipal campaigns: If you are a state or local government employee, you may be able to give to World Animal Protection through Independent Charities of America (ICA).

United Way campaigns: You may be able to give to World Animal Protection through your employer’s United Way giving campaign. Many local United Ways will allow you to write in a charity of your choice.

By participating in your employer’s workplace giving program, you are taking a stand for animals worldwide. Your contribution will help protect animals from cruelty and exploitation while creating a better future for all living beings. Together, you and your coworkers can make a lasting impact and show the world that your workplace cares deeply about animal welfare.

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