Pictured: Kenya and Bamsee exploring their new home at the Libearty Sanctuary.

Two Bear Cubs Saved by Our Partner Sanctuary



Bamse and Kenya are two bear cubs who shared incredibly difficult beginnings but now happily live together at one of our partner sanctuaries in Romania - Millions of Friends Association (AMP). Without your support, both of these cubs would have tragically perished.

Bamse was only three months when she was brought to AMP in the middle of the night after sadly being separated from her mother when they were fleeing a village along with her two siblings. Originally, authorities found Bamse and her two siblings, and were hopeful of reuniting them with their mother. Sadly, their mom didn’t find them when the cubs were left in the forest and Bamse’s siblings perished after one was hit by a car and the other disappeared.  

Kenya, a four month old cub, had a similarly heartbreaking story. Somehow, she had fallen in the cold, rushing river and was stranded on a rock where it’s believed she was for at least 24 hours; alone, definitely scared and unable to escape. Luckily, she was spotted by someone who called-in her plight and authorities brought her to the safety of AMP a few weeks after Bamse.  

Both bear cubs had a difficult acclimation at the sanctuary. Separated from their families, unable to nurse naturally, and crying for their mothers – each was given medical treatment. Despite being severely dehydrated, Bamse wouldn’t eat from a bottle and Kenya was not only dehydrated and couldn’t walk – she was found to have a hematoma on her shoulder and fly larvae infection. AMP staff monitored both cubs closely and added necessary vitamins and medications to speed their healing process.   

The recovery of these babies required constant monitoring and medical treatments. Your generous donations provided funds to help Bamse and Kenya in their full recovery. When recently asked how the cubs are recovering, AMP Staff replied, “…doing great! Actually very naughty and curious as any cub should be…” Soon, the cubs will be able to explore, forage, and make more friends in the sanctuary forests.  

Bears across Romania were once illegally captured as baby cubs and kept in tiny cages to attract customers to businesses. World Animal Protection is working with AMP to put an end to the cruel tradition of keeping bears for private or entertainment purposes. When you donate to World Animal Protection today, you support the mission of ending animal cruelty worldwide. Bears and animals all over the world thank you!  

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Photo Credit: AMP

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