Bear in nature

Two Bear Cubs in Romania Are Safe, Thanks to You



You just helped rescue two tiny bear cubs from the forests of Romania. Now, thanks to your generosity, these babies will be safe and cared for.

In June, a 4-month-old cub was brought to our partner sanctuary Libearty. The poor little cub had somehow fallen into a river and was stuck in the water for more than a day. The vets at Libearty cleaned all the larvae from her body and gave her vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics.

The staff at Libearty named the cub Kenya. After a good long nap, she managed to drink a whole bottle of milk. Now she is growing stronger every day – thanks to you.

Kenya’s not the only vulnerable cub to be brought to Libearty this month. A mother bear and her three cubs entered a small village in Romania. The local villagers tried to scare the family off by making clanging noises with pots and pans. Sadly, the mother fled and her cubs were left to climb up a tree.

Local authorities came to rescue the cubs and put them back in the forest, where they hoped Mom would find them. Heartbreakingly, one of the cubs was hit by a car and another disappeared.

Thankfully, the third cub was brought to Libearty. The team there named her Bamsee and she is being well looked after by sanctuary staff.

Thank you for being a World Animal Protection supporter and for helping vulnerable animals like Kenya and Bamsee.

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