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Three Rescued Elephants Have a New Home in Thailand



The newly built night enclosures will keep them safe and together

At the start of 2018, we supported Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in building a new night enclosure.

The enclosure is used to care for Wassana, Pang Dow, and Beautiful Lotus, a group of female elephants who spend most of their time together.


The girls grazing on BLES sanctuary grounds

The girls formed a close bond, choosing to eat, sleep, and play together throughout their days at the sanctuary.

Wassana, Pang Dow, and Lotus can also be heard reguarly calling and speaking to each other.

BLES owner Katherine Connor, decided to give them their own private enclosure to rest comforably at night. 

Funding a nighttime enclosure

BLES was the first facilty in Thailand to install solar powered fencing encolusures for elephants.

Enclosures are big habitat areas that are fenced off to prevent the elephants from wandering off into farm territory where they are sometimes poisoned or shot by farmers.

The enclosures at BLES include enrichment, and a pond for the girls to bathe in.

Since there is no longer a "wild" for the elephants to return to, the nighttime enclosures are a great solution to keep them contained without the use of chains. 


Katherine Connor, founder of Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in Thailand, treats a leg abscess during the 'clinic time'

Unfortunately, Karen didn't have enough enclosures to house the girls.

We stepped in and agreed to fund an enclosure for them and the newly built nighttime enclosure will keep them together and safe.

Suffering for entertainment

The unspeakable suffering that the girls have endured in entertainment cannot be conveyed in words.

Wassana, Pang Dow, and Beautiful Lotus were victims of cruelty imposed by owners seeking to profit from these majestic creatures.


The girls enter their new nighttime enclosure

We will continue to fight against these practices and ensure that rescued elephants are given the best treatment possible by partnering with sanctuaries like BLES. 

Click this link, take action, and speak out against cruel wildlife entertainment today.

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