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Sri Lanka Animal Rescues: Zebu the Calf and Elulu the Goat Recover From Devastating Floods



Thousands of farm animals and pets are being cared for by our disaster response team after floods and landslides hit Sri Lanka. Zebu and Elulu are just two of the animals we helped get back on their feet

We’re distributing emergency veterinary kits, and caring for huge numbers of farm animals and pets after disaster struck the South Asian country on May 26.

Assisting these animals will also help protect the livelihoods of thousands of people who desperately need healthy animals to survive.

One of the areas our experts visited is Kalawana village, in the Ratnapura district.

The area is known as a ‘wet zone’, because it rains a lot. But despite being used to water, local animals and their owners urgently need help to recover from the aftermath of the extreme conditions.


Destruction from the disaster in an area called Agalawatte, near Zebu and Elulu's home

The impact on the local communities and their animals has been catastrophic, so we’re providing much-needed help as quickly as possible.

A frightened calf

Zebu the calf was just six days old when we met him last week. He’s one of eight cattle owned by a farmer called Mr Kalawana, who shares the same name as his village.


Zebu the six-day-old calf with his owner, Mr Kalawana

Zebu was born while the floods were unfolding. It was a time of crisis for his mother, as well as his environment, so he’s lucky to be alive. His owner is bottle-feeding him while he recovers.

Motherly love

Mr Kalawana told us Zebu is shy, and ‘a little afraid’ after the floods. But with seven other cows around him, including his mother, Zebu’s becoming less frightened.

Thanks to care from his owner, vets, and his mother, Zebu has a chance at life.

One of the vets in our disaster response team assessed the health of Mr Kalawana’s other animals. A local vet kindly treated and checked on the cattle too.

Before the flood, Mr Kalawana took his cows to higher ground. This protected them from having to live in dirty floodwater, which can cause infections and disease.

The animals could have easily been injured if Mr Kalawana hadn’t moved them.

Kalawana cares about his animals. He does not want them to suffer, and wants to ensure their safety.

Elulu the goat is injured

Elulu is a beloved black and white goat, who was rescued from slaughter by his owners.

His owners are a family living in the same village as Zebu, and they also dearly care about their animals.


Elulu the goat outside his home in Kalawana village, Sri Lanka

The family was badly affected by the floods, with water rising to around 5 feet in their house.

Elulu sprained his ankle during the disaster, and is heavily limping as he continues walking around and trying to interact with the other animals as normal.

Luckily, our vets treated Elulu, and reassured his owners that he’ll recover just fine.

We also dewormed the family’s three other goats, and checked the health of their three dogs, which were luckily all doing well.

Quick response

Zebu, Elulu, and their farm-mates are just some of the animals we’ve medically treated, fed, and cared for since arriving in Sri Lanka.

There are many more animals in urgent need of our help, and we’re working hard to reach as many as we can.

Keep an eye out for updates as we continue this vital disaster response work. You can also donate today, and help us protect even more animals in need, like Zebu and Elulu.

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