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Show Love for Animals–“Swipe Left” on Factory-Farmed Meat!



We know it can be tough out there for anyone seeking their perfect match–the protein that completes you, has the same values, that you can trust, and makes you feel that spark.

Sadly, these days the shelves and menus are full of so many products that put up a façade and prefer to hide behind closed doors. Underneath the flashy labels, factory-farmed meat and dairy are polluting our environment, harming wildlife, threatening our health, and causing immense animal suffering.

The bottom linefactory-farmed animal products are not a good time, so don’t call ‘em up!

To help share the love this Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a protein “dating app” as one way to demonstrate to eaters and food companies the many “red flags” and toxic traits that underpin factory-farmed meat and dairy.

Introducing “YUMble”, the easy way to see why we should all swipe left on factory-farmed meat! See below profiles of the conventional animal proteins that are taking up too much space on our plates and menus.

Beef [MyMissionIsEmissions] 

Meat YUMBLE profile 

Chicken [Don’tGiveACluck] 

 Chicken YUMBLE profile Pork [SilenceOfThePigs] 

Pork YUMBLE profile 

Fish [SomethingsFishy] 

Fish YUMBLE profile

Milk [DoesTheBodyNOGood] Milk YUMBLE profile

Eggs [ScrambledMorals] Eggs YUMBLE profile

To help us take on factory farming and protect animals from the cruelty of intensive confinement, virulent disease, and incredible pain, sign our pledge in support of banning factory farming in the US!

And check out the companion to this blog to see the YUMble profiles for the many attractive animal-free proteins you can swipe right for this Valentine’s Day and every day.

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