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Ending Animal Sales One Postcard at a Time



Sign up to mail postcards to PetSmart and Petco urging them to end animal sales.

Animals sold in pet stores are suffering.

Petco and PetSmart, the two biggest pet retailers in North America, sell thousands of animals in their stores. Animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, and parakeets are bred in massive breeding mills, shipped to PetSmart and Petco stores, and sold as though they’re no different from a bag of dog treats.

  • Retailers source animals from cruel mills—high-volume breeding facilities that sell animals for profit. Their priority is making money, not the well-being of animals. Death, injury, and illness are common and seen by companies as part of the business.
  • Animal sales hurt shelters. MSPCA-Angell, a large shelter in Massachusetts, reported 1in 4 people surrendering a small animal or bird said they bought them from a pet store. This puts incredible strain on shelters working to rescue and rehome animals in need.
  • Animal sales fuel the destructive global wildlife trade, creating more demand for wild animals and increasing pressure on vulnerable species and ecosystems.
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Quaker parakeets.

Take Action for Animals--Send Postcards to PetSmart and Petco

Sign up to send postcards telling Petco and PetSmart to ditch animal sales and promote adoption instead. Participants will receive pre-stamped postcards to send to:

  • Their local PetSmart and Petco stores
  • PetSmart headquarters
  • Petco headquarters
  • Petco Love (Petco’s charitable foundation)
  • PetSmart Charities (PetSmart’s charitable foundation)

All you need to do is look up PetSmart and Petco store locations in your area. Tell us how many local stores you’ll be sending postcards to, and you’ll receive pre-stamped postcards in the mail along with an instruction sheet.

Have questions? Reach out to Thank you for your advocacy!

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