close up of mundi's face

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Mundi is thriving in her new home.

On May 12, I had the inspiring opportunity to join the rescue team from The Wild Animal Sanctuary and Elephant Aid International on the ground in Florida. Most days, my job is filled with stories of suffering animals. But every once in a while, a special moment comes along where I get to help one of those animals. And this was one of them.

Because of you, Mundi will spend the rest of her life with lush trees, mud puddles, and even a natural lake. She’ll make new elephant friends and thrive in a natural environment where she gets to be an elephant. No chains. No tricks. No onlookers. Just elephanting.

We want to extend a huge thank you to the Wild Animal Sanctuary for transporting all of the animals, including Mundi, to new homes, Elephant Refuge North America for creating a beautiful home for Mundi, and Elephant Aid International for orchestrating this rescue and helping to ensure Mundi is rescued.

Below are a collection of photos from Mundi’s rescue. If you want to continue supporting her ongoing care, medical and food expenses, please make a donation.

a collage of mundi
a collage of mundi
a collage of mundi

Image Credit: Elephant Aid International; Katie Bryden / World Animal Protection

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