Mohawk the lion

Our reaction to the killing of Mohawk the lion



Treasured lion shot dead after it strays from a national park in Kenya.

Reports say that the escaped lion, a 13-year-old male named Mohawk, was surrounded by around 400 people and became agitated before attacking and injuring a man on a motorcycle. Instead of capturing Mohawk, officials shot him several times until he died.

A team was on its way to the scene with tranquilizers but never made it in time.

We believe that Nairobi's rangers must be vigilant and prepared for lions to stray from national parks. This is the third time in recent weeks a lion has strayed, but it's the first that has ended in a brutal killing.


It's a lion's natural instinct to protect itself if threatened, which Mohawk was forced to do. It is tragic that his life ended this way, and like many, we want answers about why rangers were not prepared and ready to protect Mohawk.

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