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Our Favorite Plant-Based Cheeses



Craving cheese? No matter what variety you want, there are plenty of plant-based options that are kinder for animals.

In honor of National Cheese Day, we’ve compiled some of our favorite plant-based cheeses, which have come a long way in the last decade. While ten years ago, you might not have seen very many good plant-based cheeses, the market is now well-stocked with delicious options. Here are our favorites.

Nutritional yeast

silken tofu in a bowl surrounded by soy beans

While nutritional yeast may not look cheesy, it tastes like a warm, nutty cheese when put on top of popcorn, mixed into cheesy recipes, or sprinkled on pasta or mashed potatoes.

Darë cheese

This delicious regional plant-based cheese uses a cashew base to create some of the best dairy-free cheese we’ve ever had.

Trader Joe’s plant-based feta

Many national retailers have tried to master plant-based cheeses, and in our opinion, Trader Joe’s does it best. Check out their plant-based feta and Boursin.

Miyoko’s cream cheese

When it comes to cream cheese, it can be hard to beat the dairy version. Luckily, Miyoko’s does a cashew-based cream cheese that will make your bagel 10x better.

Silken tofu

silken tofu in a bowl surrounded by soy beans

If you’re willing to whip up a recipe to meet your plant-based cheese needs, you have to know about silken tofu. Try it in a cheese sauce or as a ricotta replacement. 

Violife mature cheddar

This is the ultimate gooey plant-based cheese. It melts just like the real thing in a grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious and kind to animals? It’s a win-win!

Mylk Dog

Their spicy queso is so good, it’ll make you forget about the dairy version.

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