Save the dogs is a shelter in Constanta, Romania which provides a home for stray, injured, or abandoned dog

The new vet clinic in Romania is open!



Because of your support, over 2,000 homeless dogs a year in Romania will receive the care and comfort they deserve

By Ben Skelton

In October, we asked our supporters to help homeless dogs in Cernavoda, Romania.

Thousands of dogs were facing a desperate struggle to survive on the streets. We needed help to support the building of a new vet clinic to give them a fighting chance for the future.

You responded in your thousands, and today, thanks to your support, we have some incredible news.

The building was recently completed!


The grand opening

The opening of the new clinic marks the start of a brighter future for Romanian dogs in need. The extra space and improved equipment means that more sick and injured homeless animals can get better treatment and improved chances of recovery. The new clinic is already saving dogs’ lives. It boasts:

  • Individual rooms so animals can get better in a space of their own
  • Special wards to keep recovering animals safe from disease
  • An X-ray room
  • An outdoor area complete with plenty of toys for play-time
  • Eight hundred square metres of space offers plenty of room for recovery

Already at work: thanks to you, vets now have the facilities and equipment they need


Post-op facilities include clean, hygienic rooms to keep animals safe from infection 


One of the most heart-warming updates from the new clinic is the recovery of David the dog.

A few months ago David needed round-the-clock care after his leg was amputated to save his life. He was going through a terrible ordeal.

But today, thanks to the wonderful work of the Save the Dogs staff, David is much better. He’s now so well, he’s looking forward to finding a new forever home!


David before… and after. Look how glossy his coat is!


Grace was found wandering around a local nuclear power station. Starving to death, she had mange, a painful skin disease. Without Save the Dogs staff intervening to catch her and bring her in, Grace’s future was bleak. 

Today, Grace is looking forward to finding her forever home. Her coat has been clipped, and her mange has gone (you can see the difference between her coat at the front and back). She’s still a little shy, but now she’s learnt to trust clinic staff, she’s warm and affectionate. The future is looking much rosier, both for her and so many other dogs.


Such a positive step doesn’t mean the fight is over, however. Sadly, animals all around the world are still suffering and need our support.

There are many exciting and important things you could do in 2018. Please consider signing up to recieve alerts by email or making a donation.

Thank you for everything you do to help animals.