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How to Prepare a Disaster Plan for Your Companion Animal



Do you have a plan to protect your companion animal during a disaster or emergency?

Natural disasters strike humanity more than 400 times a year, creating dangerous environments for people and animals alike. Many people may know what to do in case of a disaster, but do you know how to protect and care for your companion animals in case of an emergency? Follow our checklist to ensure you can protect your companion animals when disaster strikes.

Pet Preparedness checklist

1. Food & Water 

Your emergency bag should include non-perishable food and extra drinking water for your companion animal. Remember, animals can drink more water than usual when distressed. If you need additional water to clean up after your companion animal, make sure you have that. 

2. Medicine 

If your companion animal takes medication, including flea, tick, or heartworm prevention, make sure to pack extra doses in a waterproof container. 

3. Vet records 

Keep a copy of yourcompanion animal’s medical and vaccination records, including your vet’s name and number, in a waterproof container. If you have insurance, make sure you have a copy of that information in there as well. 

4. ID tags 

Your companion animal should have identification tags already fastened to their collar, but make sure they are up to date including the best way to reach you in case of an emergency. 

5. Shelter 

If you need to evacuate your home, make sure that your shelter can host both you and your companion animal. Bring a harness, leash, and carrier to transport your them. 

Disasters are scary and never welcome, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones (including companion animals) in case of an emergency with this checklist. 

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