Glad hund med en gul ros i munnen

Meet the Dogs of World Animal Protection US



This International Dog Day, here are a few of our favorite pups.

Thanks to thousands of years of evolution, dogs truly are a human’s best friend. This International Dog Day, we’re celebrating our dogs and thinking of the dogs in need of homes around the world.  

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

Liz Q: These are my two dogs, Cocobella (left) and Penny (right). What I love about Penny are her sounds, even her snoring, as they add fun to my day. What I love about Cocobella is how she nudges your hand if you stop petting her, because she wants constant attention. 

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

Liz CH: Alvin was a senior adoption from a county shelter in Virginia. The relinquishing family noted that “Alvin has a lot of love to give but no one to give it to.” They were right. Alvin is pure love and wears his heart on his tiny Chihuahua sweater sleeves. 

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

Hannah: Beatrice is a dog with three paws from Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. Despite having spent her first few years of life wandering the streets of Texas, she is now the queen of the castle, and she knows it.  

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

Andri: My favorite thing about Lady (white) and Scapa (gray) are how devoted they are to loving on and cuddling everyone they meet. 

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

Cameron: Anabelle has so much personality packed into her 6 pounds. At 14 years old, she's a champion sleeper and a pro at refusing to go on walks and vocalizing her many “reasonable” demands. 

Dog - Lola and Squiggie

John: Lola is a black lab and a total sweetheart. She’s super loving and affectionate. Squiggie is a brown dog, mixed breed, we think lab and pointer. He took a lot of TLC to get comfortable around people but is now doing great and absolutely crazy about playing catch with his ball. They were both rescues from our local shelter. 

Right now, in countries like India, stray dogs and other animals are in desperate need of food and kindness due to the economic effects of COVID-19. This International Dog Day, let’s support the dogs in our homes and in need of help around the world.  

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This International Dog Day, let’s support the dogs in our homes and in need of help around the world.