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Just Salad Just Got Even Better Thanks to New Daring Chicken



Just Salad, a fast-casual restaurant chain, rolls out new Daring breaded, plant-based chicken at all 40 locations.

Fast-casual chain, Just Salad introduced a new breaded, plant-based chicken made by US-based startup Daring to all 40 of their locations, including New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. This exciting announcement follows several meetings with and product recommendations from World Animal Protection. 

This latest plant-based item is the first meatless chicken product for Just Salad, who just 14-months ago replaced grass-fed beef with plant-based Beyond Beef© balls. The salad company now offers customers three plant-based protein options that are more sustainable and kinder to animals – Daring chicken, Beyond Beef©, and tofu. The addition of these items aligns with Just Salad's broader sustainability and animal welfare goals, including the company's promise to improve the lives of chickens by committing to Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. World Animal Protection applauds Just Salad for giving customers an option to eat less meat and believes this is a critical step in improving the lives of factory-farmed animals across the country. 

Just Salad's Chief Sustainability Officer, Sandra Noonan said in a statement to World Animal Protection: 

"This menu addition is another way for our customers to eat in line with their values and explore plant-based meat alternatives. We're excited to feature Daring in our Chipotle Cowboy salad and to offer it as a topping in any salad or wrap. In addition, with its low carbon footprint, the Chipotle Cowboy with Daring pieces is the latest addition to our Climatarian menu."

Earlier this year, the company introduced its Climatarian Menu that includes items with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions on the menu. The chain has also introduced its carbon footprint label displaying the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each menu item, becoming the first US restaurant chain to do so. Just Salad's online ordering platform calculates the greenhouse gas emissions of any build-your-own salad, giving consumers a real-time look at the environmental impact of their selections. For each item, Carbon Footprint information is displayed under Nutrition Facts. Additionally, the item's carbon footprint is compared to that of a quarter-pound beef patty to help customers give the numbers some context.

Just Salad's commitment to offering customers delicious plant-based options is great news for the planet and the billions of animals suffering at factory farms

By reducing meat consumption, we can put an end to some of the cruelest factory farming practices, including extreme confinement, the overuse of antibiotics, and brutal mutilations of farmed animals. By reducing the demand for meat, World Animal Protection expects that factory farming will be phased out. As overall meat demand declines, a shift towards family farming and practices that are more sustainable and kinder to animals will replace those implemented on factory farms. 

So what can you do to help end factory farming and improve the lives of pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals raised for food? By consuming less animal products and only purchasing from small family farms, you can help protect the planet and countless animals from needless suffering. 

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Just Salad’s commitment to offering customers delicious plant-based options is great news for the planet and the billions of animals suffering at factory farms.