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Urge IHOP to Offer Plant-Based Breakfast Nationwide



Supporters like you are helping make plant-based options more accessible.

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day, but how easy is it to find plant-based options at some of the biggest breakfast chains in the country? It can often be challenging for plant-based eaters and those looking to reduce their meat consumption to order delicious and satisfying options at the most well-known chains in the US. However, you are helping change the narrative.

Since 2020, World Animal Protection supporters have been asking IHOP to add a plant-based breakfast item to its menu. The famous breakfast chain recently announced it is testing a fully plant-based breakfast sandwich at two Flip’d by IHOP locations in New York City and Kansas. This is good news. However, to make plant-based options accessible to everyone and have a measurable impact for people and animals, IHOP needs to offer this plant-based breakfast nationwide.

IG post by IHOP of its plant-based sandwich

IHOP’s Cali Plant-Based Sammie / @flipdny Instagram

More plant-based items on restaurant menus nationwide can help lessen the demand for animal products and reduce the number of animals suffering on factory farms. Plant-based options are also much less resource-intensive to produce than their animal counterparts, helping reduce the environmental toll of food production on the planet.

Often, companies will try out new menu items to gauge consumers’ interest before expanding them to other locations. So IHOP needs to hear from existing and potential customers that they are excited about this plant-based option and would like to see it added to menus across the country.

Take action now and ask IHOP to roll its plant-based breakfast out nationwide for people, animals, and the planet.

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