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Here’s Where Pigs Live Around the World



Pigs are one of the most populous mammals in the world and can live almost anywhere.

Given that pigs are so common across the world, it’s no surprise that people are curious as to how pigs eat, live, and thrive. Pigs belong to an animal family called “suidae,” which consists of pigs, hogs, and boars. Suids are highly intelligent and adaptable animals, and are native to Asia, Europe, and Africa but various species are now also found throughout the Americas.  

Belarus. Wild Boar

Visayan warty pig herd running

There are as many as eighteen pig species recognized around the world, most of which are not the pink farm animals we picture when we think of pigs. These animals survive by foraging, making them able to live nearly anywhere in the world that provides enough water to sustain such a large mammal. The Visayan Warty Pig, for example, has hair and warts and lives in the Philippines. The Eurasian Wild Pig, the most widespread wild pig species, is found everywhere from western Europe to South-East Asia. 

There are hundreds of breeds of domestic pigs that live around the world, from the US to Australia to Europe to Asia. The American Yorkshire Pig, the most common pig in the US, is found in nearly every US state and used for meat across the country. Pigs are raised for meat across the world, though the breed varies by country. 

Belarus. Wild Boar

Wild boar sniffing mud in autumn forest.

Pigs that live on factory farms are confined to small spaces often with concrete floors, a poor match for the pig’s natural habitat. Gestation crates are used to contain mother pigs (called sows) and are often no bigger than a refrigerator. Animals forced to live in factory farms are among the most abused animals on the planet. The ideal space for pigs to live is one that allows them to roam and take part in natural pig activities like cuddling other pigs and foraging for food. 

As such a highly populous mammal in the world, pigs can (and do!) live almost everywhere. But when it comes to quality of life, there’s no doubt that a free-roaming pig is a happy pig.

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