bear, Romania

Have you found your animal soulmate?



Animals have such great personalities. Find the one that is most compatible with yours!


Do you love being part of a large group and engaging in social activities? Elephants do, too!


All elephants are herd animals with a very definded social structure. They're also great multi-taskers with the help of their trunk, which they use to smell, lift heavy objects, syphon/spray water, and can even use it as a snorkel.

BONUS: Elephants also use their trunks to greet each other, essentially delivering a "handshake," by stroking or wrapping their trunks together!


Do you go out of your way to help others? Dolphins would definitely return the favor.


Dolphins are known to comfort the sick or injured in their pods (generally, a group of up to a dozen dolphins). They have even been know to go as far as to helping a struggling pod-mate breathe by bringing them to the water's surface.


Are you constantly underestimated? Do people see you as an underdog? You and sloths have a lot in common!

Sloth, Colombia

Despite being the slowest-moving mammals in existence, sloths are well equipped to detect and protect themselves from predators. 

Their long, sharp claws and sharp teeth are used to defend themselves from attacks. 

They can also tilt their heads between 45-270 degrees (depending on the species of sloth), enabling them to spot potential predators from a far distance. 

P.S. Sloths can also swim much faster than they move on land.


Are you compassionate, sensitive, and loving? You would get along great with pigs. 


Pigs are intelligent, social animals that form lifelong bonds with their family members. 

This is one of the reasons pigs grieve for the loss of their friends and family so deeply. 

Find someone who loves as deeply as you do!


Everyone loves to sleep, but some of us more than others. 

The bears Hansel and Gretel at the Romanian bear sancturary in Zarnesti, Romania

If you're the type to "hibernate" whenever the weather gets a little chilly, or you always seem to find a way to stay in on the weekends, look for someone who wouldn't mind staying in with you.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!