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5 Farm Sanctuaries to Consider Visiting



Looking for a fun summer activity? Consider looking into a nearby farm sanctuary!

Farmed animal sanctuaries take in and care for farmed animals who have escaped, been rescued, or been surrendered. They can be a great opportunity to meet some amazing animals, learn their stories, support rescue efforts, and leave inspired to continue helping farmed animals. We’re sharing just a few notable farm sanctuaries around the United States, one of which may be near you.

These are just a few examples you might be interested to learn more about or to contact with any questions, and they have not been specifically vetted by our team.

1. Barn Sanctuary

Located in Chelsea, Michigan, Barn Sanctuary is a family farm converted into a farm sanctuary. It has rescued over 100 farmed animals, from chickens to cows and turkeys! You might have seen Barn Sanctuary featured on “Saved by the Barn,” a series that aired on Animal Planet. It offers private and public tours on weekends.

2. Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary has two locations–Watkins Glen, NY and Los Angeles, CA. It is known for being one of the country’s first farmed animal sanctuaries. With hundreds of acres of beautiful landscape, a visit to Farm Sanctuary is a must for any animal lover.

3. Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Iowa’s only farm sanctuary, located in Oxford, is open for tours in 2022! Iowa Farm Sanctuary offers private and public tours between May and October. On your tour, you can meet lots of rescued farmed animals and learn more about their stories.

4. The Gentle Barn

The Gentle Barn boasts three locations across the country: St. Louis, Missouri; Christiana, Tennessee; and Santa Clarita, California. You can visit its rescued cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals who help inspire others. All three of its locations are open to the public on Sundays; advanced tickets are required.

5. Sunrise Sanctuary

Located in Marysville, Ohio, Sunrise Sanctuary hosts fun “Open Barn Days” on Saturdays! These self-guided tours last between 1 PM and 3 PM and allow you to explore the sanctuary at your own pace. Sunrise Sanctuary also hosts exciting events throughout the summer, so be sure to check out its schedule of upcoming events!

If you’re not able to identify a reputable sanctuary near you, don’t fret! A truly great way we can all help farmed animals is by eating more plant-based meals. You can also help us ban factory farming, which is the primary driver of farmed animal abuse and cruelty.

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