Dog walking past rubble in Ecuador

Ecuador earthquake: bringing aid to animals



Six provinces have declared a state of emergency after being hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Thousands of animals need our help.

Update 05 May 2016: Gerardo Huertas, World Animal Protection Disaster Management Director Latin America, speaks from Ecuador.

Update 27 May 2016: The situation is grave for thousands of animals

In the heavily damaged communities of Manta, Porto Viejo and Pedernales - the epicentre, mostly levelled and declared a disaster zone - countless animals are simply trying to survive.

Our disaster response team, in collaboration with local partners, estimates that at least 15,000 pet dogs, cats and other companion animals are in jeopardy. The team is distributing food to animals in impacted areas. 

Current pet food donations are expected to run out within a month.


24 April 2016: Disaster management team deployed to assess the situation for animals after devastating earthquake

The earthquake occurred on Saturday, April 16th and the impact on the infrastructure of cities is heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the earthquake.

Local contacts in Ecuador report seeing many dogs wandering on the streets, together with injured and starving animals.

We are committed to joining the local efforts of private sector organizations, academic groups and veterinarians already providing first aid to animals.

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How can you help?

If you know someone who is in the country, please send these tips to help save as many animals as possible:

  1. Reserve drinking water and food for your pet
  2. If your dog or cat requires some special treatment, be sure to inform the veterinary brigades
  3. If you have lost your pet, notify local authorities and try to include a photo
  4. Do not let your pet walk on the rubble as they can be cut and contract diseases

At least 15,000 pet dogs, cats and other companion animals are in jeopardy.