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A Day in the Life of a Campaigns Assistant



Between drafting blogs and researching campaign targets, the day of a Campaigns Assistant is never the same! Read more to learn about a typical day in the life.

I consider myself fortunate to work in a field that allows me to channel my passion for helping animals into meaningful change. I don’t take my responsibility of supporting our organization’s campaigns to protect animals lightly. But, before I tackle any day’s to-do list, I make sure to spend some quality time with my cat, Mrow, in the morning. While I advocate for all animals, he’s a strong advocate for cozy sunrise cuddles and a hearty breakfast–a platform I can also support.

black cat looking handsome

My cat, Mrow.

Because I lend a hand to both our Farming and Wildlife campaigns, my workload is quite diverse. On any particular day, I might spend part of my morning drafting blog posts providing more information about one of our current campaigns. For example, check out my blog on our Kroger campaign explaining why we’re urging the company to expand its deforestation-free policy to all of its animal products.

I’m also fortunate to work from home, which allows me more time during my lunch break to grab a bite to eat, run an errand, or spend time scowling at the wallpaper that’s been begging to be hung for the past couple months.

The last half of my day, just as the first, looks a bit different every day. For example, I could be supporting our wildlife work by researching one of our corporate targets, such as Groupon. We’re actively demanding that Groupon immediately stop profiting from wild animal suffering and adopt a public animal welfare policy that protects animals and doesn’t exploit them. Or, I could be building out any upcoming webinars we have planned! Experts from World Animal Protection, and occasional special guests, provide insights and access to our campaigns for protecting animals. We keep an online archive of our past webinars but keep a lookout for upcoming webinars in 2023!

In my role as Campaigns Assistant, I’ve learned an important lesson: there is no action that is too small to have a positive impact on animal lives. To help animals, you can pledge to eat less meat, or not buy wild animals as pets. Even by supporting our work with a donation, you can help make the world a better place for suffering animals.

There is no action that is too small to have a positive impact on animal lives.