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Change for chickens; looking ahead



Our supporters are challenging businesses to create change for chickens. Together, we’re moving the world to improve the lives of billions of chickens.

We're so proud that our supporters have stood up to some of the largest fast-food retailers, who have the power to positively influence millions of chickens’ lives.

Their support is helping us to move KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino's, Starbucks, Nando's and Subway to improve  life  for billions of chickens suffering in industrial farms every year.

We’ve already received more than 300,000 signatures for our Change for chickens petitions. Our supporters joined us to challenge these iconic global brands to commit to keeping caged chicken meat off their menus, or put pressure on KFC to improve the lives of chickens in its supply chain.

Keeping the pressure on KFC

Considering KFC’s dominance in the fast-food industry and the sheer number of chickens it uses, a positive change by the company would improve countless animals’ lives.

Please ask your friends and family to sign our petition to KFC now.

Meeting with Nando’s

The restaurant has agreed to meet with us in early 2017, after supporters urged the company to commit to not using chickens from cages. Their support will help show how imprortant this issue is. We’ll keep you posted on any progress.

McDonald’s is leading by example and has already committed to not using chickens farmed in cruel cage systems. We hope other companies, such as Nando’s, will now follow suit.

Fighting for chickens in 2017

Our mission to protect billions of chickens from suffering in industrial farms is by no means over.

Please watch this space, and join us as we keep pressuring businesses to move the world for chickens next year, and beyond.

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