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Breaking news! Pret a Manger adds 14 new plant-based options



Praise be to Pret!

We’re thrilled to announce that Pret a Manger, the popular UK-based restaurant chain with more than 80 stores throughout the US, has rolled out 14 new plant-based options, as well as non-dairy alternatives at no extra charge to customers.

This exciting announcement follows several meetings with World Animal Protection and a positive influence campaign where our supporters urged Pret to expand its great-tasting plant-based options. We applaud Pret’s commitment to giving customers an option to eat less meat and believe this is a critical step in improving the lives of factory-farmed animals across the country.

World Animal Protection's positive influence campaign for Pret 

Factory farming evolved as a means to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for meat. However, with companies like Pret investing in plant-based foods, consumers in the United States—which has one of the highest rates of meat consumption of any country in the world—have the opportunity to reduce their meat consumption and lower the overall demand for low welfare meat. World Animal Protection expects that factory farms can start being phased out, creating a shift towards farming practices that are more sustainable and kinder to animals. Meat reduction has the potential to put an end to many cruel industrial farming practices, such as extreme confinement, the overuse of antibiotics, and brutal mutilations.

Driving this global demand away from factory-farmed meat and towards plant-based eating is companies meeting their customers’ concerns about the planet, their health, and animal welfare. According to a Mintel report on dining out, more than one in five diners want restaurants to offer more plant-based entrees. A report just released by Renub Research predicts the global plant-based meat market to be worth more than $7 billion by the end of 2025.

We’d like to thank Pret a Manger for listening to its customers, engaging with World Animal Protection and investing in a kinder future. By offering delicious plant-based options, companies like Pret can lead consumers to reduce their consumption of meat that comes from animals suffering at factory farms.

What can you do to help save animals from factory farms? By eating fewer animal products, you can help protect the planet, your health, and countless animals.

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