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Bile Bears Given a Better Life in Vietnam



Thanks to you, 15 bears have been surrendered from bile farms to sanctuaries in Vietnam just in the last two months.

The good news is that captive bears illegally farmed for their bile in Vietnam are increasingly being transferred to rescue centers or sanctuaries where they can live a better life.

These transfers would not be possible without our collaborative efforts with the government and local organizations. And thanks to your ongoing support.

The latest transfer took place in November when seven bears were successfully moved to the Four Paws bear sanctuary in Ninh Binh. In addition, six bears were transferred in October, and another two were transferred in November to the Tam Dao sanctuary run by Animals Asia Foundation.

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A long history of work

In 2005, there were about 4,300 bears held on bile farms. So, we worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to secure a landmark agreement to phase out bear bile farming in Vietnam. In collaboration with our local partner Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) and the government, we provided equipment and training for the microchipping of these bears. All of the bears were officially registered and microchipped, with the aim of preventing new bears from the wild or other sources from entering the farms.

Today, less than 400 bears remain on bile farms – a decrease of 90% thanks to supporters like you.

Together, we have come so far but there is still more to do to end this cruelty once and for all.  

Convincing farmers to end bear bile farming 

As with microchipping, the monitoring program has been integral in making headway in ending bear bile farming. It provides an opportunity for us and ENV staff to convince bear owners to transfer their bears to sanctuaries or confiscate illegal bears found on farms.

This effort cannot be understated. With the steady turnover of bears, we are reaching a tipping point.

Now, 60% of Vietnam's provinces are bile bear-free. Success is within our reach.

With you by our side, we will continue to work with the government and local partners to put an end to bear bile farming so that no more bears suffer a life in captivity.

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