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Bear Cub Rescued in Romania



Earlier this month, a tiny four-month old female bear cub was brought to the Romania sanctuary after being found alone in a forest near Brasov.

A group of locals were having a picnic in the forest near Brasov when they came across a female bear cub that appeared to be alone. 


Brigitte exploring the sanctuary grounds. Photo courtesy of AMP

The locals said that they waited to see if the mother bear would turn up, but then decided to bring the young bear to our partners at the Zarnesti sanctuary after not seeing her mother appear.

Sadly, if the bear's mother was around, she would most likely would not have approached because the group of people were present.

It is very possible that the group unknowingly took her from the wild and the safety of her mother.


Brigitte was excited and ready to play right away. Photo by AMP

The four-month old club, which the sanctuary staff named Brigitte, will never forced to entertain or interact with humans in any way.

Now that Brigitte is at sanctuary, it is not possible to release her back into the wild because her mother may abandon her after being in the company of humans.


Brigitte is receiving round the clock care provided by our partner group, AMP. Photo by AMP

As Brigitte is so young, the AMP staff are giving her round the clock care.

She is being bottle-fed specially prepared milk, of which she goes through about 1 liter a day.

She will soon be released into her own enclosure, far away from tours so that she is not impacted by humans in any way.

Here she will be able to play in the grass, climb up trees and act as every bear cub should, something the AMP staff can already see that she loves to do.

“She's everything but quiet! She's an amazing cub, desperate to play and have fun," said Paula Ciotlos, Vice President of AMP.

When Brigitte is old enough, she will be introduced to the other young bear cubs at the sanctuary and be free to live, play and grow into an adult bear peacefully.

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