Assam floods India

Animals in India recovering from floods



Tens of thousands of animals that were saved from the severe flooding affecting Assam in 2016 are thriving again thanks to hard work and our supporters.

Madan Hakarika, a farmer who lives in Sristika, Golaghat District, is an example of how animals and livelihoods were saved by our work in India.

“My animals were sick from eating grass contaminated by flood water – even though I had moved them to higher ground to try to keep them safe. I had lost animals to floods before and was so worried. It is horrible when they die in the water. Although they cannot speak, they feel pain like human beings," said Madan.


"Losing one of my animals is like losing one of the family. The help you gave us saved their lives.”

Madan's family of nine – his mother, two brothers’ families, and his own wife and little daughter – depend on the farm’s animals and crops for their own survival.

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During our emergency operation we gave his eight cows and two bulls vitamins, antibiotics, and dewormers to protect them from parasites that were infesting the flood waters.

Thankfully all survived.


Through the wonderful actions of our supporters, our teams were able to help more than 30,000 animals in just eight weeks.

When we visited Madan in November 2016 the floods had receded, the land was looking green and lush, and the animals were recovering nicely.

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Rogan, a four-year-old bull was looking well-fed.

Madan, delighted with the survival of the animals, explained that Rogan will soon be helping him plough the fields.

They are nearly ready for planting with the potato, cauliflower, sugar cane, rice, pumpkin, mustard seeds that he normally grows.

Thanks to you the future is looking bright for Madan, his family, and the animals once again.

Losing one of my animals is like losing one of the family. The help you gave us saved their lives.