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Aiding over 28,000 animals after severe floods cause famine in Bolivia



Following a long period of drought, heavy rains caused severe flooding and mudslides in many parts of Bolivia in February. More than 180,000 farm animals and over 17,000 families have been affected.

A series of disasters (droughts in December, heavy rains in February, landslides in March) in the regions of Chuquisaca and Potosi, have isolated several districts and decimated crops and pastures resulting in a severe loss of farm animals like pigs, cattle,sheep, alpacas, llamas and goats.

A heartbreaking situation for animals

Unfortunately, there have been a large number of animal casualties due to the lack of food and resources.

In what can only be described as heartbreaking, stories of farmers witnessing their animals in peril were common.

One cattle producer we spoke to showed our disaster response team his sick and weak calves, who suffered from fevers and were "dying in his arms."

For many producers and families, these animals are more than just companions, they are their livelihoods.


Emaciated cattle that has been affected by the famine.

The communities' main assets are typically agriculture and farm animals; in fact, their economy is based in trade and agriculture.

Our disaster response team is dedicated to identifying and aiding the animals in urgent need.

Our response

After an initial assessment through our local Disaster Liaison Officer (DLO) our disaster team concluded that animals in Potosi and Chuquisaca urgently required food and mineral supplements.

28,780 animals in Chuquisaca will be provided with food and minerals.

The food we provide will nourish the animals, while the minerals supplement what they can retrieve from the current pastures and soil.

This will sustain the animals for 30 days, after which the pastures should begin to recover.


A farmer and a young goat that have been affected by the floods.

Potosi will be left on standby for a second phase relief operation after an assessment can be done and a plan can be finalized.

The relief effort will help thousands of families and farm animal producers living in rural communities. 

Your incredible support makes emergency work like this possible.

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Top image taken in 2010 during a disaster response in the region of Chaco, Bolivia.

For many producers and families, these animals are more than just companions, they are their livelihoods.