Stuffed Squash

9 Plant-Based Thanksgiving Main Dishes Everyone Will Love



We can’t get over how delicious these plant-based recipes for Thanksgiving are!

Turkey and ham don’t need to be the star of Thanksgiving when you have delicious plant-based recipes that are better for you, the planet, and the animals! 

1. Plant-Based Pot Pies 

Glazed Tofu

Individual ramekins make this tasty recipe so cute!   

2. Lentil and Sweet Potato Shephard’s Pie 

Glazed Tofu

This recipe is hearty and filling.  

3. Stuffed Acorn Squash 

Glazed Tofu

Definitely a people-pleasing recipe!  

4. Shallot and Shiitake Seitan Wellington 

Glazed Tofu

You’ll have all of your guests wowed with this seitan wellington!  

5. 1-Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry 

Glazed Tofu

With all of your other pots and pans used in the house, this 1-pot pumpkin yellow curry recipe is a lifesaver! 

6. Plant-Based Thanksgiving Meatloaf 

Glazed Tofu

Filling and delicious, you’ll be asleep on the couch in no time with this recipe! Bonus: this meatloaf can be made into a satisfying Thanksgiving leftover sandwich when you’re too ~burnt out~ to cook the next day. (Get it? I’ll see myself out…) 

7. Seitan Roulade with Sage and Sweet Onion Stuffing 

Glazed Tofu

Two words: yes, please! Get the recipe here

8. Plant-Based Tourtiere 

Glazed Tofu

Not every pie on Thanksgiving needs to be sweet! This savory meat pie uses tofu and mushrooms and looks stunning on your table! 

9. Brown Sugar Maple Glazed Tofu 

Glazed Tofu

This stunning dish will replace any spiral ham on your table.  


Looking for delicious plant-based Thanksgiving sides? We got you covered with these 15 sides recipes you’ll be thankful for.  

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