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9 Plant-Based Dishes to Welcome the Fall Breeze and Autumn Leaves



The apples are crisp, pumpkins aplenty, and your kitchen awaits.

Summer is coming to an end, and with the close of one season, the opportunity to experiment with fresh fall ingredients is just around the corner.

As sweater weather settles in, below are some delicious recipes that will ensure you fall in love with plant-based eating and help spare animal lives in the process.

1. Pumpkin kibbeh

This fall-inspired recipe for pumpkin kibbeh or “kibbet lakteen” from my home country of Lebanon, is a common plant-based twist on a traditional Lebanese dish. Although some effort goes into putting it together, the flavors in the final product are well worth it! 

2. Kibbet batata

You can also make a simpler version, “kibbet batata” (or potato kibbeh), using in-season potatoes.

3. Butternut squash delights

If, like me, you can’t get enough of butternut squash, make this simple vegan mac and cheese or creamy butternut squash soup to satisfy the whole family.

apple pie baking on an oven rack

4. Crispy Brussels sprouts

Found some fresh Brussels sprouts at the store or farmer’s market? These vegan crispy firecracker Brussels sprouts turn a child’s nightmare ingredient into pure sweet and spicy delight.

5. Cinnamon baked pears

Love pears and everything dessert? Turn them into the star of the dish with this recipe for cinnamon baked pears.

6. Apple cinnamon challah

Bought or picked some crisp apples? With Rosh Hashanah right around the corner, whip up this round vegan apple cinnamon challah.  

7. Classic apple pie

Looking to use up the rest of your apples (because let’s face it, who stops picking at one bag)? Try your hand at this classic recipe for delicious apple pie.

apple pie baking on an oven rack

8. Pumpkin pie

You didn’t think I’d forget about pumpkin pie, did you? This vegan and gluten-free pie requires only 10 ingredients (including the crust) and renders a perfectly moist slice of pumpkin-filled bliss. I recommend making your own pumpkin puree by following this easy recipe.

9. Pumpkin-spiced latte

Finally, nothing says fall more than a pumpkin-spiced latte. Ditch the coffee shop and make your own vegan version of this fall-favorite drink at home.

If you have some favorite plant-based recipes you’d like to share, please submit them through this form or send us an email at EatLessMeat@worldanimalprotection.us!

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