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8 Protein Packed Plant-Based Recipes



Delicious and nutritious!

Protein is essential to life, giving us energy and the building blocks needed to create muscle and strong bones. While many people think this necessitates eating large quantities of meat, dairy, and eggs, the reality is most American adults are consuming an excess of animal-based proteins. Fortunately, protein is found in just about all foods, including fruits, vegetables, and legumes. By incorporating more nutritious plant-based foods into your diet you won't have to worry about not getting enough protein. Let’s get you started by trying these delicious protein-packed plant-based meals! 

Lentil Curry

1. The Best Veggie Burger 

Made with protein-packed walnuts and mushrooms, the name says it all.  

Lentil Curry

2. 1-Pot Chickpea Noodle Soup 

Delicious, nutritious, and an easy clean up. Count us in!  

Lentil Curry

3. Plant-Based Slow Cooker Chili  

Beans and quinoa? Hello protein!  

Lentil Curry

4. Sticky Teriyaki Tofu 

This drool-worthy tofu recipe packs more protein than a beef burger. 

Lentil Curry

5. Sweet Potato Black Bean Tamales 

Spice things up with this delicious recipe!  

Lentil Curry

6. Lockdown Dhal 

These look so good! You need the recipe now.   

Lentil Curry

7. BBQ Shredded Tofu 

Two words: Yes, please! Get the recipe.   

Lentil Curry

8. Vegan Coconut Curry Lentil Soup 

This rich and creamy broth is packed with hearty lentils. Pass us a bowl of this recipe!

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