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7 Plant-Based Influencers to Follow This Hispanic Heritage Month



Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us!

Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month! Spanning from September 15 to October 15, this month-long observance pays homage to the rich history and invaluable contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals to our society.

On September 15, 1821, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua all declared their independence from Spanish colonial rule. Mexico’s Independence Day falls on September 16, commemorating the Grito de Dolores, the event that marked the beginning of Mexico’s fight for independence, while Chile’s Independence Day is on September 18, remembering the start of the Chilean War of Independence.

To celebrate the holiday, we’re highlighting seven individuals making a difference for animals through their platforms. Check them out this Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond!

1. Michelle Carrera

Michelle Carrera (@granolatron) is the founder of Chilis on Wheels a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible vegan food to communities in need, Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, which “promotes veganism in Puerto Rico through educational and community initiatives,” and PlantBased Plants, an animal-free soil and plant company.

2. Isaias Hernandez

Isaias Hernandez (@queerbrownvegan) is passionate about environmental education, social justice, and plant-based eating. He has served as the global ambassador at the Green Jobs Board and is a strong advocate for widening the climate change movement to allow for more inclusivity.


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3. Jocelyn Ramirez

Joceyln Ramirez (@la_yoselin) is the author of La Vida Verde, a cookbook that celebrates Mexican cuisine with plant-based twist, the chef and founder of Todo Verde, a plant-based Mexican seasonings company, and the co-founder of Across Our Kitchen Tables, an organization that “hosts conversations and events that center BIPOC chefs and food systems workers.”


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4. Norma Perez

Norma Perez (@thesalvivegan) describes herself as an “Afro-Salvadoran vegan creating authentic Salvadoran plant-based cuisine.” She hosts virtual plant-based cooking classes that feature delicious menu items like yuca con chicharrones veganos, pastelitos, and enchiladas.


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5. Ernesto Rivas

Ernesto Rivas (@netocraves) is a Mexican/Texan vegan cook who has a passion for sharing his plant-based creations. He has authored multiple recipe eBooks and has created a digital meal planner to simplify ethical eating.


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6. Jeremie Serrano

Jeremie Serrano (@lacomidadejeremie) is a vegan chef and talented illustrator—his work has even been featured in Pixar! Jeremie shares his mouth-watering meals through his various platforms, alongside his other artistic creations.

7. Dora Stone

Dora Stone (@dorastable) makes vegan Mexican food both simple and delicious. Some of her veganized versions of traditional Mexican dishes include mole chilaquiles, chocoflan, and baja ceviche tostadas.


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