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7 Black Plant-Based Influencers to Follow



Celebrate Black History Month by discovering a new Black plant-based influencer on social media.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re using our platform to shine a light on Black animal welfare activists that are furthering our mission and creating a better world for animals. By recognizing all of those who speak up for animals, we can then work together to create positive change.  

1. Judy Brangman 

Known as the “plant-based MD”, Judy Brangman is a board-certified internal medicine and lifestyle medicine physician who advocates for a whole plant-based diet. On her website, you can subscribe to her plant-based wellness guide or follow her on Instagram to check out her posts on preventing diseases, plant-based protein sources, and plant-based events.  

2. John Lewis 

A nationally certified fitness trainer and motivation speaker, John Lewis turned plant-based after his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since then, he’s created a vegan protein company, Vegan Smart, has attained a strong social media following, and most recently, is working on a documentary with Keegan Kuhn, one of the directors and producers of “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health,” that will explore the interconnections between veganism, hip-hop culture, and food injustice.  

3. Tabitha Brown  

After her video review of a Whole Foods vegan BLT sandwich went viral in December 2017, Tabitha Brown has become a social media sensation. Her TikTok account has over 4 million followers and her Instagram with over 3 million followers. On both accounts, she shares plant-based recipes such as vegan mac and cheese and ceviche. You can find out more about Brown by visiting her website.  

4. Genesis Butler  

At only 12 years old, Genesis Butler has made a name for herself as an inspirational animal activist. Having gone plant-based at 6 years old after discovering the milk she was drinking came from mother cows, Butler has since released a TED video and a foundation, Genesis For Animals where she provides funding to sanctuaries and animal rescues. Follow her on Instagram here.  

5. Tracye McQuirter 

A public health nutritionist, author, and activist, Tracye McQuirter is a key figure in the rise of veganism among African Americans from her 2010 book By Any Greens Necessary. She also directed the first federally funded vegan nutrition program in the US, the Vegetarian Society of DC Eat Smart Program, and partnered with Farm Sanctuary to create the African American Vegan Starter Guide. Learn more about her work on her Instagram.  

6. Jenné Claiborne 

Looking for a plant-based chef to follow? Check out Jenné Claiborne. She’s fully plant-based, a health coach, and a cooking instructor. In 2018, she came out with her cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul, which offers 100 vegan soul food recipes as a homage to her southern Georgia roots. On her YouTube account, she has videos such as “What I Eat In A Day”, “Vegan Healthy Snacks”, “Vegan Meal Prep” and many more.  


7. Torre Washington 

Inspired to go plant-based because of Rastafarianism, Torre Washington is a well-known figure in the black plant-based community for being a vegan bodybuilder. On his website, you can find his Primer Bodybuilding guide and his Nourish athlete’s guide to vegan nutrition. You can find him and follow his bodybuilding journey on Instagram


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By recognizing all of those who speak up for animals, we can then work together to create positive change.