5 ways dogs can help your mental health

5 ways dogs can help your mental health



May is mental health awareness month, so we’re looking at the many ways life (and our mental health) is better with dogs.

Dogs are everyday heroes: not only do they bravely work together with humans in life-saving situations, such as police or missing person searches, but they offer us companionship and unconditional love – they truly are our best friends.

This mental health awareness month, we’d like to honor our canine companions and share with you our favorite facts about the amazing positive impact they can have on mental health!

They get us out of the house

Dogs are great at encouraging people to get out and exercise in the fresh air – this can be beneficial for those who suffer with depression.

Taking your dog for a lovely walk can also lead to socializing with other dog owners.

They’ll be there for you

Living with a dog can give owners a sense of security and someone to spend the day with.

Affectionate and loving, dogs make the perfect companion especially for those living alone or the elderly.


They make us feel needed and loved every day! 

They keep you calm

The companionship of a dog can add comfort for those who suffer with anxiety.

Not only are dog walks a motivation for those anxious about leaving the house, but their naturally loving and carefree characters can help get your mind off of stressful thoughts.


Their positive impact can be seen all the way through our blood, with research showing that simply being with a pet can lower the levels of stress hormones.

They build a routine

Routines can be a great structure for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety – but they are particularly important for people on the Autism spectrum.

Dogs need regular feeding, exercising and care, all requirements that contribute to building a solid routine.


Some studies shows that for people on the Autism spectrum, dogs can reduce stereotyped behavior, lessen sensory sensitivity, and increase the desire and ability to connect socially with others.

They make us proud

A lot of effort goes into looking after our dogs and keeping them healthy and happy.

With every trick that they learn, every ball fetched, every stick picked up from the ground and every passing stranger smiling, dogs help us feel proud of our hard work and improve our self-esteem

5 ways dogs can help your mental health

Around the world, dogs keep us company and protect us, but this precious relationship is under threat. 

Every year, 10 million dogs are poisoned, stoned and electrocuted to death, in an attempt to stop the spread of rabies, which kills a whopping 59,000 people each year.  

Learn how we're making sure dogs around the world live their best lives, because if they do, you will, too.