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4 Indigenous Plant-Based Creators Inspiring Us



Celebrate Indigenous Heritage Month by supporting these incredible people.

1. Veggie Mijas

Not only has Veggie Mijas crafted an amazing platform, but they are also one of our newest World Animal Protection influencers! Veggie Mijas describes themselves as “a group of women who advocate for food and environmental justice for BIPOC communities through the creation of sacred spaces where folks can share their experiences with food and plant-based lifestyles.”


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2. Yvette Baker

Yvette Baker, also known as “vegan abolitionniste,” describes herself as an “animal liberation activist” who is dually passionate about the wellbeing and freedom of all humans—and the fight to create both a more equitable social structure and food system.


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3. Genesis Butler

Genesis Butler uses her influence to fight for animals, humans, and the planet. One of the most prominent Gen Z activists, Genesis has also founded Youth Climate Save, which exposes the link between animal agriculture and the climate.


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4. Jen Rivera Bell

Jen Rivera Bell holds a focus on connecting to Mother Earth while living a kind, sustainable lifestyle that is free of harm to humans and animals as much as possible. Jen believes in the power of mindfulness and eco-conscious choices to create a harmonious and balanced world for future generations.


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Note: In our commitment to fostering inclusivity, we have chosen to employ the term “indigenous” as the overarching descriptor for this blog. We acknowledge that the people featured may also align with alternative nomenclature, such as Native American, Native, American Indian, Alaskan Native, and so forth.

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